Become bejewelled with Inferno Diamonds 100

Become bejewelled with Inferno Diamonds 100

They say “diamonds are forever” and however true this may be, one thing for sure is that Inferno Diamonds 100 will definitely add some sparkle to your eye.


Fresh off the production line of up-and-coming software provider, Fugaso, this fruit-themed slot game has plenty to like about it and having only been released for a couple of weeks, already it is beginning to gain a respectable reputation among slot enthusiasts.


As, perhaps might be a clue from the name of the slot, it has a mind-blowing 100 ways to win and, as a result, may definitely appeal to many who are looking for more variety from their slot playing experience.

What can you find while playing Inferno Diamonds 100?

Set on a backdrop of a 5x4 reel grid, all of the symbols in the slot create combinations that can help to form 100 different ways to win. With 10 regular symbols throughout the game, mostly in the form of fruits that include cherries, oranges, grapes, plums, watermelons and lemons, in addition to red and yellow number sevens, plus stars and bars, there is quite a lot to look out for. Meanwhile, when you get three of the same symbol, this will generate a win for you and if you land five of a kind combinations, you can expect to receive between 2.5 and 12.5 your initial stake.


Blazing diamonds are of course a significant part of the slot’s gameplay. These appear in the form of wilds, and, as a result, they can show themselves across any of the reels as substitutions for any of the normal symbols. Although these can appear in stacks on the reels, they have the ability to form their own unique combinations with a payout of 50x your principal stake.


In addition, which is worth bearing in mind, Inferno Diamonds 100 comes with a medium to high volatility rating, which is quite good, compared to most of the new slots that have been released recently, with these having a high classification; often not the best for complete beginners.


In terms of scatter symbols, these appear in the form of bells. As such if you land three, four or five bells in one go, you will receive a cash payout of 4x, 20x and 200x your stake respectively.


A major attraction of this slot game is that it is part of the ‘Day 2 Day Jackpots’ network and this means that players can win daily, weekly and even monthly prizes. What this means is that a small percentage of each wager goes towards different progressive jackpot prizes, which can be won at any time. It is worth taking into account that the higher the bet, the higher the jackpot is likely to be.


Plus, the slot title carries an RTP (Return-to-player) rating of a modest 96.5 per cent, a hit rate of 18 per cent, which generally speaking should generate some type of win every five spins and a betting range of $0.2 to $100.00 per spin. It is also possible to get payouts of up to 5000x your original stake.

Will diamonds be your best friend?

It is certainly worth considering this as a slot to try out, especially if you are new to slots, when taking into account the modest volatility level. Even if you have been playing slot games for a period of time, the fun and innovative style of the gameplay is sure to appeal. Definitely, the color scheme is attractive.


Another element that is a nice feature, is that it is part of a network that can lead to a considerable progressive jackpot payout, so, all in all, this could well be worth checking out. Perhaps one downside is that there are slot games out there with a lower minimum bet per spin, so it is definitely worth having a budget and sticking to it. 

Author: Amelia Smith

Amelia Smith

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This news article was published on 30-06-2023

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