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For most people, bank transfers are the most trusted method of making a deposit. It is often used to fund online casino accounts and is also one of the oldest banking options. New Zealand players view it as a safe, tried and tested option even though funds take a few days to arrive at the casino. Kiwis also call it wire transfers and this method was used long before the internet gambling became available. Bank transfers remain a popular method despite its venerable age and many online casinos still offer this option.

Bank or wire transfers are a form of transferring funds electronically and there is no other party or e-wallet involved. The transaction takes place between the casino and the bank. The casino receives the cash directly from New Zealand banks such as ANZ and BZN. The transaction takes place solely between the casino and the bank which removes all risk of identity or data theft. Bank transfers are more expensive than e-wallet transaction although an extra layer of security is added during the process.

New Zealander's can make bank transfers from NZ banks by visiting their local bank and arranging the transfer in person. Bank transfer casino can also be arranged via telephone. The most convenient way to arrange a bank transfer casino nz is by requesting it online.

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Bank Transfer Casinos NZ

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NZ casinos that accept Bank Transfer

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    NeonVegas Since 2020
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    Wildz casino
    Wildz casino Since 2019
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    Viggoslots Since 2017
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    iBet casino
    iBet casino Since 2021
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    Yeti Casino
    Yeti Casino Since 2017
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The benefits of using bank transfers

The biggest benefit of using bank transfers is the safety aspect. The second as agreed by New Zealand players is that only the funds available in their bank accounts can be used, which voids overspending. Banks only charge a nominal fee for wire transfers and even when it takes a bit longer to accounts, not at the same bank, this option remains completely secure.

If funds are transferred to an account holder at the same bank, instant bank transfers are possible, and the funds reflect instantly or within a couple of minutes. Bank transfers are known by several names such as direct bank transfers, wire transfers, or fast bank transfers. The names depend on where users are in the world, although the process remains the same.

The person wishing to transfer cash needs the banking details of the receiving party. To deposit cash into the casino's account, you will need the casino's banking details. For withdrawals, the casino would need the players' banking details like the bank account. All bank transfer casinos are the process of transferring cash to and fro any bank account. Transfers between different banks can take a bit longer and the charges could vary.

According to statistics, bank transfers are still one of the most used options and over 21 billion transactions take place yearly. When large sums of cash are transferred from one bank account to another, then wire transfers are still the most cost-effective. The banks charge the person requesting the transfer a fee and usually the receiver also pays a small fee, which is deducted from the funds transferred.

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Types of Bank Transfers Explained

If you want to play online casino games, there are some options you can use to top up your casino account. One of these options is the bank transfer process. Here are the various types of bank transfer casino nz options explained.

Instant Bank transfer

The instant bank transfer casinos process was created to reduce the conventionally long processing time of wire transfers. When funds are processed between domestic banks, the transfer reflects faster than a wire transfer. Also, the instant bank transfer casinos option is safer than using cards, and it is easier to process than traditional banks. If you want to play your favorite games using free spins, welcome bonuses, etc, you can use this transfer option to get started.

Direct bank transfer

The direct bank transfer method enables players to make payments from one bank account to another at a casino. The process is seamless and safe like the instant bank transfer method. However, it can take up to a few days before the transaction is completed.

Wire bank transfer

With a wire bank transfer, you can fund your casino account directly from your bank account. However, this method, which is processed via an international system, is very common in the United States. Unlike the instant bank transfer casinos method, wire transfers are quite slow, as they take a longer time to process.

NZ Bank transfer

NZ bank transfer.

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Using bank transfers at nz online casinos

Of all the online payment options like instant bank transfer casino, etc, direct bank transfers are the ones that stood the test of time. New Zealand players wishing to make a bank transfer casino deposit can follow these steps. The best option is to choose an online casino in your country if that fails players will need to make an international transfer. International bank transfers need the casino's banking details as well as its SWIFT or IBAN code. The bank is unable to process the transaction without the codes mentioned.

International transfers, unlike the instant bank transfer option, are almost never instantaneous and could take up to 4 or 5 working days. The number of days the transfer takes depends on the bank, system and the country. Banks use the IBAN code to locate the money transfer. The bank then transmits a message, usually the SWIFT code via a secure system to the receiving bank. This is basically a request to the receiving bank to affect the transferred amount or payment.

Because of these long waiting times most online casinos for NZ players do not or do not motivate on depositing using bank wire payments. The wait is long and the costs are high. For withdrawal a bank wire is still usual.

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How to withdraw using as bank transfers

E-wallets are hugely popular for funding casino accounts although when it comes to withdrawals players still need to cash out directly into their bank accounts. Most New Zealand players find it easier to simply cash out their winnings into their bank accounts. It eliminates the need to go through a web-wallet and like the instant bank transfer option, it keeps the process less complicated. To cash out winnings directly into their bank account, New Zealand players need to insert their banking details. The casino will process the bank transfer deposits and it appears then in the players account within 3 to 7 banking days.

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How to find New Zealand Casinos that accept Bank transfers

Bank transfers are one of the popular options that players use to carry out transactions on their casino accounts. Choosing the right casino that accepts instant bank transfer casino is usually critical because it depends on some vital features that should not be ignored.

Here are some key factors that players should consider when picking online casinos that accept bank transfers:

Security and License

Before deciding to register at any casino, ensure you verify if they have security measures or not. Conduct in-depth research on the casino’s history of handling their players’ security. You can check players’ feedback and reviews to grasp the service quality that the casino offers. Some of the security features to look out for that a good casino should have include Transport Layer Encryption(TLS), Secure Socket Layer(SSL) encryption, Know your Customer(KYC), and Two-factor Authentication(2FA).

It is also important to check if the casino has the right gambling license from notable bodies like the UK Gambling Commission, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, etc. These bodies ensure that casinos provide players with a regulated and safe gambling experience.

Customer support

The quality of a casino’s customer support is pivotal to its success. Players need to verify if the casino is notable for offering premium support to players facing any issue. The ideal casino should have its customer support lines open 24/7, which ensures that players can get support at any time of the day. Casinos should have support options like phone numbers, emails, live chat, and FAQs. Players should be able to easily get access to quality information that solves their problems and improves their gaming experience.

User experience

One of the factors that distinguishes reputable online gambling sites from others is the quality of its user experience. Players are likely to navigate towards an online casino that doesn’t leave them confused. Before choosing any casino to carry out bank transfers, ensure they have a great user experience. The user experience quality can be judged by the registration process, bonus and promotions acquisitions, game selection process, etc.

Mobile Compatibility

Most online casino players use their mobile phones to play casino slots, and this suggests that any good online casino should be mobile-compatible. With the mobile compatibility feature, players can play their favorite casino games, carry out banking transactions, and perform other functions. Before choosing any casino, ensure that the casino’s desktop version provides the same value as the mobile version.

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How to deposit real money with Bank transfer on online casinos

If you want to get started at any online casino, you need some money in your casino account to get started. Learning how to deposit real money for an instant bank transfer or any other method is a vital step to enjoying entertaining casino games from the comfort of your location.

Here are some ways to deposit money at an online casino with bank transfer:

Find a trusted online casino

Before making a deposit, you need to be a registered user of any online casino. It is important to look out for a reputable or trusted casino so that you will not lose your funds. Prioritize casinos that have the right license and are regulated by the quintessential authority. This will prevent you from getting into the wrong hands.

Create an account

When you’ve seen a trusted casino, the next step is to create an account. You will be required to submit some personal data that will be used to set up your account. Some online casinos might permit you to be anonymous, while some require you to use your real identity.

Verify your identity

Before making a deposit, most online casinos will require you to verify your identity. You may be asked to provide some documents like an ID card, a copy of your utility bill, or proof of address.

Navigate to the Banking section

On your casino account, browse the banking section, where you will see various deposit options. Then, select ‘bank transfer’. Some casinos may use the term ‘wire transfer’ instead of ‘bank transfer.’

Submit Banking details

Most casinos will require you to provide some vital information like your account number, bank address, and name, the casino’s name, which is also the recipient, and the casino’s account details. Once all these details have been submitted, you’ll be allowed to make the deposit via instant bank transfer casino, and other options.

Carry out the transaction

Enter the amount you want to deposit, and initiate the transfer. Many casinos mostly have minimum and maximum deposit limits, so watch out for this before entering the deposit amount. When you initiate the transfer from your bank account, some casinos may send a security code or OTP to your phone or email to authenticate your transaction.

Await confirmation

Bank transfer casino do not get processed at the same rate. For instance, an online casino deposit may happen fairly quickly, while others may take some hours to even days before your bank account is credited. It is best to check with the casino’s support team to know how long it takes before your funds reflect.

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Finding new zealand casinos with bank transfers

Since bank transfers are one of the oldest methods of transferring cash between two bank accounts, finding an online casino is easy. Thousands of online casinos cater specifically for the needs of New Zealand players and almost all accept bank transfers.

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Pros and Cons of Bank Wire Transfer Online Casinos

Understanding the pros and cons of Bank Wire Transfer on online casinos will help you make informed decisions anytime you need an option for deposits or withdrawals.


  • Bank wire transfers are mostly secure for transferring funds
  • They allow high limits for larger deposits and withdrawals
  • They can be used internationally
  • No third-party payment processors involved
  • Many casinos accept them
  • Regulated and Legal


  • Slow processing times for some of them
  • Transactions are not done anonymously
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Why use direct transfers at nz casinos

Direct transfers are the obvious choice for Kiwi's who do not own a credit card. Like the instant bank transfer method, it is the easiest way to transfer cash from one bank account to the next without using e-wallet services. Cash sent internationally through bank transfer casino takes a few days longer although it still offers the player the chance to enjoy huge winnings with free spins, loyalty points, reload bonuses, etc.

Once the direct transfer clears the cash reflects in players casino accounts and can be used to play and win real money. Online casino's offer exceptional welcome packages like mouthwatering free spins, which can double a new player's deposit instantly. Existing players qualify for daily, weekly and monthly bonuses by using direct transfers. Regular play qualifies players for loyalty points. By accumulating loyalty points through free spins and other means, loyal players can redeem the points for cash bonuses. They can also get access to free spins bonuses and other freebies.

Direct bank transfer casino remain the best option for New Zealand players who aim to win big. It is the most inexpensive option to transfer large amounts of cash between two banks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bank transfer for online casinos?

Bank transfer, also known as bank wire or wire transfer, is a secure way of depositing and withdrawing funds from an online casino with your bank account. The process involves sending money from your bank to your account on the casino and vice-versa. Before you play any game for real money on an online casino, you need to deposit some money in your casino account via an instant bank transfer or other options. With bank transfer, players can play their favorite games and use free spins to win real money.

How long does it take to deposit money in an online casino?

When depositing money in an online casino, the duration it takes depends on the casino. Some online casinos have a seamless process that allows you to complete the transaction in record time, especially when you use options like the instant bank transfer process. And the funds might reflect in your casino account instantly.

What is the best instant banking casino in NZ?

When it comes to choosing the best instant banking casino in NZ, it depends on the factors that help you have a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Some of the factors to look out for include regulation and licensing, instant banking options, promotions and bonuses, security and safety, customer support, and mobile compatibility.

Is live casino available with bank transfer deposit?

Yes, most live casinos provide players with the option to deposit funds via the bank transfer process. Using bank transfer casino to make deposits is a convenient way to fund your casino account and play casino slots like live dealer games. If you want to participate in live casino games and you intend to use bank transfer method to fund your account, check in with the casino to confirm if the option is available.

Are there any fees and limits on bank transfers with online casinos?

Most online casinos have fees and limits, and they depend on the prerogative of the online casino. You may have to pay a small fee to make deposits through bank transfer casino. It is crucial to check the casino’s banking page or terms and conditions to learn more about fees associated with making bank transfer deposits.

Can I pay with bank transfer on any online casino?

Not all online casino sites offer the bank transfer option to players. If you want to use the transfer option like instant bank transfer options, check in with the online casino before getting started. You can also look out for factors like processing time, transaction fees, and restrictions that may be associated with using bank transfers.

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