Casino Bonus Guide

Online casino bonuses are rewards casinos give to players. They are the best way to grow a bankroll because you can use them to get free NZD cash, free spins, and more. The more you know about them, the easier it will be for you to make a profit online.

There are many different kinds of online casino bonuses. Below, we will talk about the most important ones.

Be sure to read the information here carefully. It will teach you what to look for so you don't miss out!

By Amelia Smith - Updated 16/04/2024 - Estimated reading time: 19 minutes.

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Casino Bonus Guide
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Welcome Bonus

Online casinos want you to play with them. So, a welcome bonus is a gift you receive when you open an account. It is often a combination of cash and free spins.

You can think of it as the casino saying, 'Thank you.' Then, you can dive in to play casino games without spending too much of your own money.

The best part about an online casino welcome bonus is that every gaming platform offers one, or at least most. Smart players open accounts at many sites to collect as much bonus cash as possible.

Most casino bonuses in this category require an initial minimum deposit. Meeting that deposit requirement unlocks the offer, allowing you to play your first real-money online casino games on the site. The following are worth noting about a casino welcome bonus:

- Casinos may require partial or complete account verification for eligibility

- It can be bonus money, free spins, or both

- It usually comes as the first deposit bonus

- Players may need multiple deposits to unlock the complete package

Take your time when exploring welcome bonuses. Your first steps on a casino site deserve the very best. That’s why we’ve selected New Zealand online casinos with exceptional welcome bonuses to save you the stress.

Ensure you are not in for another promotion when depositing for a sign-up bonus. Most sites, including a free spin casino, will withdraw the first deposit bonus.

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No Deposit Bonus

This is a special bonus because you can get it without depositing money. With the no-deposit bonus, you use a special code when you open an account, and that's it. When you finish, the bonus money will be there, waiting!

You can play with it just like regular cash. If you hit the tables and win, you get to keep what you win. It's a no-risk way to play online casino games.

No-deposit offers are the way to go if casino deposit bonuses feel like a leap too far. You can get them as a sign-up bonus or a reward for downloading the casino’s mobile app.

That happens when operators want to encourage more players to use their mobile casinos. Whichever way they come, they’ll be available to play slot games or other titles.

You may not find these deals very often in NZ casinos. Nevertheless, we’ll be here to inform you when they drop.

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Free Spins Bonus

You can use a free spins bonus to get risk-free play on a slot machine. A free spin lets you spin the reels without paying anything. You get to keep all the money if you hit a big jackpot.

There is no better way to play online slots and progressives! Many online casinos give free spins away if you know where to look for them.

Free spins are common in many online casino bonuses and rarely require casino bonus codes. You can find them in deposit casino bonuses, birthday packages, VIP rewards, and even a welcome bonus. For the slot enthusiast, free spins are the best online casino bonuses.

This offer is restricted to online pokies. Nevertheless, winning more free spins through bonus rounds is always possible (for online pokies with free spins).

NZ casinos may offer them in one slot or more for consecutive deposits. Despite the limitation, free spins provide exciting gameplay without using your bankroll. You can find a free spin casino among our recommendations.

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Casino bonus codes

Although this is a little old-fashioned, some casinos still accept bonus codes. A bonus code can give you an exclusive offer not available to the general public.

If a casino bonus code is attached to a promotion, you must input it to activate the offer. That is crucial, especially in a deposit casino bonus. Depositing without the bonus code voids the offer.

A gaming platform could attach a bonus code to its casino welcome bonus, free spin bonuses, etc. However, you’d find the need for a bonus code more pronounced in deposit bonuses. We’ll update you with new NZ casino bonuses that require a bonus code.

Other NZ online casinos

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+ 100 free spins

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100% Up to


+ 200 free spins

100% Up to


+ 100 free spins

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High roller bonuses

Most online casinos offer special bonuses for high-roller players. For most casinos, that means you deposit $500 or $1000 at once. They offer a special package deal with extra rewards and loyalty points.

These exclusive bonuses require considerable deposits to be eligible. High rollers often deposit more and place large bets. They’ll go for games that allow NZD 1,000 to NZD 10,000 in stakes.

One brilliant thing about high-roller packages is that they can cut across other casino bonus offers. For example, some NZ casinos may increase the deposit free spins for high rollers. Others may offer higher cashback or reload bonuses.

Similarly, a high-roller welcome bonus may differ from what other players get. The higher deposit bonus is to match the higher amounts high rollers pay.

The key to enjoying high-roller casino bonus offers is depositing and betting large amounts. Some NZ online casinos may refer to them as VIP packages. They mean the same thing, as they are reserved for players who deposit and play with large amounts.

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Refer a friend bonus

Some online casinos offer free playing money, spins, or other rewards if you refer a friend. You can find this in your settings menu and refer your friends with a special link or bonus code. Sometimes there is an extra bonus for the new player too!

The refer-a-friend package is one of the best casino bonuses, requiring no deposit. You can use them to build up your bankroll and have more winning chances. Notwithstanding, you must complete your full casino account verification to qualify.

Some online casinos will give you a percentage of your friends' deposits or a fixed amount. Free spins can also be attached to this online casino bonus, but they are rare. The more people who sign up with your unique link or bonus code, the more money you will receive.

Refer-a-friend won’t stop you or your friends from receiving other rewards. They will still get a sign-up bonus on the first deposit, and you can still participate in other promotions.

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Cashback Bonuses

Cashbacks are rarely found in casino promotions for the first deposit. Instead, you’ll find them in the weekly or weekend NZ casino bonuses. They depend on how much you deposit into your account within a specific period.

Most online casinos offer cashback bonuses as varying percentages of a player’s deposits. The higher you climb in the casino’s loyalty program, the higher the cashback. Also, high rollers and VIP players always enjoy the sweet end of the deal with the highest cashback bonuses.

Cashbacks are among the top casino bonuses for regular players. They still have wagering requirements like other bonus offers. Other casino bonus terms and conditions may apply.

Some online casinos automatically offer this deposit bonus when the specified period elapses. Others may require activation before the period sets in. Whichever happens, skip the minimum deposit and pay more to maximize the returns.

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Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are similar to cashbacks in that they return a certain percentage. However, they are based on the losses incurred within specific periods. An online casino may offer a 10% reload bonus money for all losses on the weekend.

You don’t need a minimum deposit to activate reload bonuses. Continue playing games as you would any other day. Then, the online casino will reward you with a reload bonus.

The money will be available to play games after the period. Notwithstanding, reload bonuses have validity periods and wagering requirements. Some casinos offer this NZ casino bonus wager-free to encourage gameplay.

Like the cashback, this NZ casino bonus can be automatic or activation-based. Find out about the casino bonus terms to ensure you don’t miss out on them.

It is unlikely to see a reload offer in a welcome bonus. Most sites reserve it for their weekly promotions.

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Loyalty Bonuses

A casino’s bonus offers would be incomplete without loyalty bonuses for players who deposit and play regularly. Some casinos offer loyalty points from the first deposit, ensuring players have a good start. Then, they can continue playing to accumulate more points.

Most casinos use a point system for their loyalty bonuses, with some adding a tier system. Players will earn points as they bet on games. The exciting part is that you don’t need to win your bets to earn points.

After accumulating enough, you can exchange them with credits or bonus spins, although credits are more common. For tiered systems, the points you earn with each bet will increase, setting you up for more credits or bonus spins.

Loyalty points will continue, provided you continue playing games in the online casino. Among all the casino promotions, they are the easiest for any player. Casual players and high rollers can enjoy them as they play games in the online casino.

You can activate one deposit bonus and still receive loyalty points when you bet. Some casinos also add loyalty points to the welcome bonus.

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Birthday Bonuses

This is another way online gaming platforms reward their players. They provide special birthday packages, including cash, free spins, or loyalty points. We can’t say what the offer will be, as casinos often personalize them for their players.

High rollers can get tickets to VIP events, all-expense-paid trips, etc. The more money you contribute to the gaming platform, the more special your birthday package will be.

Keep the telephone line or email you used during registration active. You’ll receive instructions on how to activate your birthday package through these mediums.

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Picking the right casino bonus for

We’ll be here to drop the latest casino bonuses, but the choice is ultimately yours. How do you know online casino bonuses worth activating? We have a system for reviewing online casino bonus offers and recommending the best.

The following are factors that’ll help you pick the best bonus casino for your next adventure:

The Money or Free Spins Awarded

Typically, we’d go with casino bonuses that return high amounts of money or free spins. If we keep a bonus casino with an NZD 400 and another with an NZD 5,000, you’d look at the latter first.

The total amount of money or free spins offered should be your first consideration. However, don’t let large amounts sway you into registering with bonus casinos.

Minimum and Maximum Deposits

The minimum deposit, especially in welcome bonuses, determines which players qualify for a reward. A high minimum deposit often signifies VIP or high-roller deals. Conversely, a more affordable minimum deposit allows casual players to activate.

Some casinos may lower deposits for the welcome bonus. Check out the required deposits for other promotions.

The maximum deposit in any casino deposit bonus determines how much you can unlock. If you have a large bankroll, pick deals that support high deposits. They could be casino signup bonuses or weekly promotions.

Wagering Requirements on Your Deposit

Some gaming platforms require player deposits to be part of the wagering requirements. That means you must wager the bonus fund and the deposit to fulfill them.

Wagering requirements are typical of deals, from welcome bonuses to other promotions. Pick deals that limit the wagering requirements to bonus money or free spins.

Expiration Dates

The more time you have to use an online casino bonus, the less pressure you’ll feel. Consider the expiration before settling on a deal.

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Do online casino bonuses have restrictions?

All online casino bonuses have special requirements. These are rules you need to comply with before you can withdraw.

The two most common are wagering requirements and game restrictions. Wagering requirements are the number of times a bonus must be bet before you can withdraw it. Game restrictions are the percentage of a bet that will count toward the wagering requirements.

Bonuses also have a time limit. You’ll lose the reward if you don't complete the requirements fast enough. This period is a few days for small bonuses. The period can be weeks or months for big rewards.

Bonus restrictions are annoying. But they do not diminish the value of an online casino bonus. There are tips and tricks you can use to be fast. We will show you the best way to get through them.

You can always play with no bonus; just deny your bonus by using the button or contacting support.

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Steps to clear bonus wagering requirements and overcome restrictions quickly

It is one thing to have the best casino bonuses and another to clear the wagering requirements quickly. We promised to give you tips and tricks. Hence, here they are:

Play permitted games that have winning strategies

Slot machines do not have proven winning strategies. If you can, avoid playing them. Instead, play live dealer games where you can employ some winning tactics.

You can play slots if the wagering requirements are high. The autoplay feature will allow you to place small bets and quickly fulfill the wagering requirements.

We do not imply that there is a guaranteed winning strategy, as online gambling is ultimately left to chance.

Choose games with high RTPs or lower house edges

This approach ensures your bonus winnings will be a substantial percentage of your total wins. Poker and blackjack are excellent games with generally lower house edges. You’ll be faster at fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Max out your bets

Wagering requirements limit the amount you must wager to complete them. Hence, maxing out your bets will get you there quicker. Keep to the higher limits on the bets allowed for the offer.

Choose slots with low volatility

This approach works for bonus spins, whether free spins no-deposit, or deposit-based deals. Slots with low volatility have the potential for more frequent, albeit lower-paying, wins. Hence, you can accumulate bonus winnings to complete the wagering requirements quickly.

You don’t have to feel pressured to fulfill the wagering requirements. Take your time to enjoy the online casino experience, but don’t delay beyond the expiration date.

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How to make money with online casino bonuses

The more online casino bonuses, the better! Every offer is a chance for the casino to add money to your bankroll. That is why bonuses are necessary for players who want to make a lot of money.

The most important thing is taking advantage of all the bonus offers. You can do this by opening up accounts wherever there is a good bonus.

There is no restriction on the number of different casinos you play at. Of course, this means you will need to know where the best bonuses are! All the information you need is on our site.

It's easy for you to take advantage of the best offers. We will do all the hard work for you! If there is a big bonus out there, we will let you know about it.

It's also important to know that you can only create a single account with each casino. Opening up multiple accounts can get you banned and your winnings taken away.

If you follow the rules, you can take advantage of many offers and get a lot of bonus cash. There is no better way to build a bankroll.

You will be well on your way to big online casino winnings!

Casino bonus

Casino bonus of

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Brief Guide to Activating Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos offer bonuses to enhance the gaming experience. Some occur automatically, while others require specific steps for activation.

The activation process may differ from one casino to another. Hence, you should review all the terms and conditions before taking the next step.

For most online casino bonuses that require deposits, the following steps can be taken:

1. Log into your online casino account.

2. Go to the promotions page and click the offer you want to activate.

3. Click “Get Offer” or “Deposit” to open the payment page. You may find other inscriptions. The aim is to redirect you to the payment page.

4. Deposit the required amount and provide any needed deposit casino bonus codes.

5. Complete the transaction and return to the game lobby.

The deposit bonus will be added to your account once the transaction is complete. You can contact customer support if that doesn’t happen within a few minutes or hours. Note that delays may arise from some payment methods.

These steps hold for most casino welcome bonus deals. No-deposit bonuses require a different approach, as they don’t require any deposits. Find out what the platform needs.

The standard requirements for activating no-deposit bonuses include the following:

- Opening and verifying your account

- Installing the mobile application

- Joining the casino’s Telegram channel

Contact customer support if you need help with the steps to activate an offer. That will ensure you don’t miss out on the best casino bonuses because of the wrong activation.

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Enjoying casino bonuses to the fullest: things to consider

You can have the top casino bonus (by inherent value) and still get a mediocre online casino experience. These promotions represent one piece of the puzzle. To enjoy them fully, you must consider other aspects of the gaming platform.

Consider the following before picking the best casino bonus and making your first deposit:

Game Variety

Casino bonuses will mean little if you don’t find your favorite games. Fortunately, most gaming platforms allow unregistered players to view their game catalogs. Use this opportunity to confirm if the site has your favorite games before registering and making your first deposit.

User Interface

The layout could make or mar your gaming experience. Hence, it should be well-designed and responsive when playing on a desktop or mobile device. Most casinos use a mobile-first approach to develop their platforms, ensuring high performance for smartphones and tablets.

Test the page load speeds and the overall navigation. Although the user interface does not add value to the promotions, it influences the experience.

Payment Methods

You can find the biggest online casino bonuses now but cannot activate them because of payment methods. For example, some casinos do not activate bonuses for deposits from Skrill or Neteller. That will be limiting if that is your preferred payment option.

Also, payment methods may not support the casino’s minimum deposit, forcing you to pay more. Contact customer support if the supported banking services are not listed.

Customer Service

You may run into challenges with your first deposit bonus. Hence, the site needs to have responsive and efficient customer service. Live chat is the best and fastest way to communicate.

That should be available 24/7 or during the day's working hours. Drop a message and see how long it takes for a representative to respond.

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Big bonuses = Big FUN!

Online casinos are fun and exciting. Bonuses add to that by giving you the cash you need to start your bankroll with house money. Nothing is more exciting than hitting a huge score with house money you won via an online casino bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Go read up on all the details on the pages of our site. They have everything you need to know. You'll be ready to clean the house out in no time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I withdraw my bonus winnings immediately?

Only wager-free casino bonuses are available for immediate withdrawal. Others have wagering requirements that you must complete before requesting a withdrawal. Proceeding with a withdrawal before meeting these requirements may cause the online casino to void (cancel) that promotion. Always read the terms and conditions attached to any offer to know if withdrawals are allowed immediately. They'll apply from the first deposit bonus to other promotions.

How do I address challenges with a bonus or promotion?

The best approach to addressing challenges is to contact customer support. Most gaming sites support live chat with instant responses. You can also write your challenges and address them to the casino’s support email. Phone call support is also available on some sites. In addition, you can check the casino’s FAQ section to see if a similar challenge has been addressed.

Are the winnings from no-deposit bonuses available for withdrawals?

No-deposit bonuses allow real money wins when you use them. Except where expressly stated that the winnings are restricted to your bonus account, you can withdraw them.

Are bonus codes always necessary to claim promotions?

Bonus casinos that require bonus codes for their promotions will provide them for activation. It is only necessary if the terms and conditions state the code. Also, bonus codes are more common in deposit bonuses.

What is the best casino bonus?

We understand that the best casino bonus can be subjective. You might prefer free spins, while another player chooses live casino bonuses. We'll keep updating the best, from the welcome bonus to weekly promotions.

Are casino bonuses worth my time?

Not all casino bonuses are worth the time and effort. Some have astronomical wagering requirements that make you spend more money than intended. Nevertheless, casino bonuses can add excitement to the experience when implemented correctly. They can increase your winning chances and help you save your primary bankroll. Refer to our section on picking the right casino bonus to learn more about making the most of promotions.

Where can I find bonus codes?

The casino often provides these special activation codes in the promotion’s terms and conditions. However, casino affiliates may offer special rewards to players who sign up through their links. They’ll provide special codes to ensure only those players receive the rewards. We will list bonus codes when needed to ensure you don’t miss out. Follow our page to stay updated.

Which casinos have the best bonuses?

Our team is always searching for the best casino bonuses with an affordable minimum deposit amount. We have you covered whether you need free spins bonuses, sign-up bonuses, cashbacks, etc. Check out our recommendations above to see the best casinos.

Where can I find the latest promotions?

We will update you when new casino bonuses roll in. Follow our page for the value, minimum deposit, wagering requirement, etc.

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