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Amelia Smith (Born in 1991, Auckland NZ), a driven and ambitious individual, joined the project in early 2019, injecting a fresh perspective into the team. Having pursued a degree in marketing at the esteemed University of Auckland, Amelia's academic background provided her with a solid foundation for her role in the online gambling industry.

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During her time at the university, Amelia discovered her passion for gambling and its intricate dynamics. She delved into the psychology behind the games, the intricacies of odds and probabilities, and the strategic elements that could tip the scales in a player's favor. As she studied marketing, Amelia began to envision how her skills and knowledge could be applied to the world of online casinos.

Amelia Smith in 2022

Upon graduation, Amelia wasted no time in turning her passion into a profession. She joined, where she found herself in the perfect environment to merge her love for gambling with her marketing expertise. With a knack for research and a meticulous eye for detail, Amelia quickly became a valuable asset to the team.

One of Amelia's primary responsibilities was writing informative pieces for the website. She took great pride in distilling complex gambling concepts into easily digestible articles for the site's readers. Her deep understanding of the subject matter allowed her to explain the nuances of various games, strategies, and betting systems in a way that resonated with both novices and experienced gamblers.

Amelia's research skills were particularly beneficial to her colleague, William, who specialized in writing casino reviews. Amelia conducted thorough investigations to gather relevant information about online casinos, their reputations, game offerings, bonuses, and customer experiences. Her attention to detail ensured that William had access to accurate and up-to-date data, allowing him to provide comprehensive and reliable reviews.

Amelia's contributions elevated the quality of the website's content and enhanced its reputation within the online gambling community. Her informative articles became popular among readers, attracting a growing audience to the site. Gamblers valued her insights and recommendations, as they trusted her expertise and appreciated her commitment to providing them with valuable information.

Beyond her writing and research duties, Amelia actively engaged with the gambling community. She frequented forums and discussion boards, participating in conversations, and sharing her knowledge to help fellow enthusiasts make informed decisions. Her willingness to interact with users and offer guidance further solidified the website's credibility and fostered a sense of trust among its audience.

Amelia's passion for gambling didn't wane even as she immersed herself in her work. She continued to explore new games and strategies, attending industry conferences and seminars to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments. Her dedication to self-improvement not only benefited her personally but also enriched the content she produced, ensuring it remained relevant and engaging.

As the months turned into years, Amelia's influence on the company's success became increasingly apparent. Her dedication and expertise significantly contributed to the website's growth, attracting a larger user base and establishing it as a trusted resource in the online gambling realm. Amelia's passion for her work was contagious, inspiring her colleagues and fostering a vibrant and collaborative work environment.

Amelia Smith, a marketing graduate from the University of Auckland, transformed her love for gambling into a career that merged her expertise in marketing and her passion for the intricacies of online casinos. With her informative articles, meticulous research, and commitment to the gambling community, she played a pivotal role in establishing the casino comparison website as a leader in the industry. Her journey serves as a testament to the power of combining one's passion with their professional pursuits, leading to both personal fulfillment and professional success.

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Amelia's understanding of all things related to (online) gambling made her a popular speaker at several events:

iGB affiliate conference London "What's the deal with gambling in New Zealand?!" - 2023

International gambling conference Auckland "Future of online gambling in New Zealand" - 2022

Author: Amelia Smith

Amelia Smith

Amelia Smith knows a lot about different areas of gambling. She's been our main writer for most things since 2019. She spoke at a big conference in London in 2022 and has been recognized at several industry events.

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Article published 24/05/2023

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