Admiral Bet and Partner Matrix link up

Admiral Bet and Partner Matrix link up

Premier Serbian sportsbook Admiral Bet has agreed to a deal with affiliate network Partner Matrix, which will see the latter engage in multiple traffic-generating activities to increase signups for the operator. 


As such, the affiliate network that Partner Matrix has built up over the last few years will greatly benefit from adding a brand such as Admiral Bet to its portfolio, especially considering the fact that it gives it considerably great exposure to the up-and-coming Serbian online gambling and sports betting market.


While, on the face of it, the deal is more or less straightforward and leaves little explanation, this is somewhat of a flagship cordial for both entities, who can both reap the rewards of such a synergy. 

Increased awareness raised for Admiral Bet

An industry that is continuously expanding with every month, it is becoming harder and harder to stand out in a crowded market. Especially in the major European markets. However, Admiral Bet may be at an advantage.


Its standing as the premier online sportsbook in the Serbian market will do it no harm at all, as it looks to gain further ground on its main competitors across Europe - particularly in emerging markets. 


Closing terms with one of the most notable affiliate networks in the European online gambling industry means that it significantly enhances its chances of sky-rocketing the reputation of its brand even further. 


Having forged a reputation for itself of being one of the most dynamic sports betting sites in Serbia, with its unique graphic user interface (GUI), designed to ensure maximum retention, Admiral Bet is set on taking this to the next level by onboarding further customers. 


Something, it believes that Partner Matrix can help with, due to its effective network. Indeed, head of online gaming at Admiral Bet, Milan Djurmez, believes wholeheartedly. It is understood that he and a number of the executive committee at the brand believe that affiliate marketing could be a lucrative and highly strategic way forward for the company. 

More markets to open up for Admiral Bet?

This will indeed be a great litmus test for Partner Matrix to determine how effective it can be in helping to grow a brand in a relatively up-and-coming market and whether it could potentially pave the way for it to reach into new, emerging markets. 


Certainly, the scope is there for the brand to establish itself as a major force in its pocket of Europe and there is no doubt that Partner Matrix has the expertise to help make it happen. However, the next six months will certainly provide a firm indication as to whether this may happen. The opportunity is there, for both.

Author: Amelia Smith

Amelia Smith

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This news article was published on 02-12-2022

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