Casino 777 in Pokerstars partnership

Casino 777 in Pokerstars partnership

In an ambitious and highly strategic bid to return to the highly lucrative Swiss market, major brand Pokerstars has secured a significantly beneficial agreement with operator brand Casino 777, securing an exclusivity deal for distribution rights for the country.


The deal went through on July 01 and has been met with considerable enthusiasm from the Swiss market so far, with Pokerstars having endured a two-year absence. Originally, they were a big hit in the country, until their rights expired on July 01, 2019, following the six-month transition of new gambling legislation in the country. It ultimately meant that because Pokerstars had failed to meet provisions set by the Federal Act on Money Games.


However, this new partnership with Casino 777, which is an online operator that is owned by the land-based operator Casino Davos, Pokerstars is now free to operate in the country, with this deal boasting a number of advantages. 

What this means for Pokerstars

Although being one of the biggest online poker brands in the world and significantly sizeable in the US and the UK market, this newly approved entry agreement into Switzerland comes at a time when European expansion is somewhat of a buzzphrase for many online casino brands.


Entry into Switzerland is seen as somewhat of a coup when factoring in the popularity of poker in the country, in addition to the sheer amount of excess disposable income that people boast, with the lucrative banking industry being one of the biggest in the nation.


Securing a partnership with Casino 777, is not only being seen as clever but it also will provide a foundation for long-term growth in the country, utilising an already popular online casino brand in the country.


Casino Davos, is jointly owned by Stadtcasino Baden Group and the Belgian company, Ardent Group. In February, a new chief gaming officer, Robert Kocher, was brought to the helm by Casino Davos to look after all Casino 777 operations and this deal with Pokerstars has since been greeted with optimism. 


It has been a careful and painstaking process to initiate the integration of the Pokerstars offering with the Casino 777 brand, with a considerable amount of attention paid to anti-money laundering provisions that have been put in place. 

Growth potential for Casino 777

Integrating Pokerstars with their brand represents somewhat of a potential growth trajectory for Casino 777 who could well see their revenue skyrocket over the next 12 months. While the Swiss market already has a substantial amount of potential, it is the wider, global market that could well be a difference-maker.


Players wanting to access the particularly popular Pokerstars tournaments online, from around the world, will need to first register an account with Casino 777, which puts the brand very firmly in the driving seat.


This means that access to even more lucrative markets around the world will help Casino 777 to increase its awareness further, while also making sure that it can service its already loyal fans. 


There is also no doubt, that this affiliation with Pokerstars could lead to further deals in the future, that could help it to grow its global reputation in the industry even further. 

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This news article was published on 14-07-2021

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