Yggdrasil and Bang Bang Games agree partnership

Yggdrasil and Bang Bang Games agree partnership

It has been revealed that the highly innovative Bang Bang Games have partnered with Yggdrasil Gaming, as both companies seek to deliver an even more immersive online gambling experience for players.


This news has been greeted with much anticipation and enthusiasm in the market, especially from a number of operators, who will get the opportunity to offer the products that come from this alignment to their customer base.


Yggdrasil Gaming is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to the publishing of online gaming content and this is being seen as a particularly strong move that will only help them to keep their authority in the space.


What is important for the software developer is to constantly make sure that it stays ahead of their competition and with a number of titles to their name already which are highly sought after by players, this partnership will help to take them to next level.


While the last 12 months have seen a remarkable increase in the number of players in the online gambling industry, it could be argued that by equal measure game development has slowed slightly based on previous years.


Being partnered with such an innovative and forward-thinking studio like Bang Bang Games will help Yggdrasil to focus on making sure that it can continue to get new games to market even faster, while this also adds a considerable amount of value to their brand.


Stuart McCarthy, who is head of partner strategy and sourcing at Yggdrasil referred to the fact that they have been keeping an eye on the progress that Bang Bang Games have been making for a number of years, highlighting how impressed he is with how they work as a studio, their mechanical methodology and the innovation that they apply.


One of the things that Bang Bang Games in particular will benefit from is Yggdrasil’s highly robust and industry-leading platform that uses GATI technology which is a business strategy facilitator. As a result, this will make it even easier for Bang Bang Games to integrate their solutions and create an even better gaming environment for players.


Frank Pollin, who is managing director for Bang Bang Games, referred to how excited they are to team up with Yggdrasil saying that the software provider are right on the forefront of innovation while indicating that the partnership will allow them to swiftly accelerate his firm’s global portfolio reach making use of Yggdrasil’s cutting edge technology.

Who are Bang Bang Games?

It really has been an impressive year for the online gambling developer who is just one year old, having been founded in April of 2020, albeit right in the middle of a global pandemic.


To achieve the growth that they have done in such a short space of time, as well as partnering with a leading name like Yggdrasil really is a testament to the effort that has gone into it.


Based in London, this studio has a firm focus on creating and delivering cutting-edge online gambling games and this is evident from the quality that they have already developed. Boasting a highly talented team of skilled software developers and supremely talented and creative front-end artists, it has meant that the games that they have launched so far have hit the ground running. 

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