Mega Wheel Live Guide NZ

Mega Wheel Live is an established game show game, with live casino games launching in 2018. The live dealer game offers a generous RTP of 96.51% with bets ranging from NZ$0.01 up to a maximum wager of NZ$ 1000 per game.

You might think that you have seen the game at top casino sites, and you are right. Evolution Gaming has a similar live casino game entitled Dream Catcher and the game is also similar to Crazy Time Live.

Today we talk and review Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play, the game betting strategies, any bonuses tied to the fame, and how to maximise your bankroll and win. If you are up for a good time playing online, you will find Mega Wheel casino games entertaining. Read on our Mega Wheel review to get acquainted with the fun online game.

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Mega Wheel Live Guide NZ

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What is Mega Wheel?

From time to time casino players need a break from spinning slot games, playing a hand of Baccarat or even sitting at a traditional live casino table. Game developers worldwide have been working overtime to bring new content to online casinos and keep casino customers entertained in the process.

In recent years, the online gambling community has seen Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play push the boundaries of gameplay, and develop new casino games to entertain the masses. We have witnessed the launch of Monopoly Live, Football Manager Live, Deal and No Deal, and the latest addition to live casino rosters including Mega Wheel pragmatic play live.

So what is a Mega Wheel anyway?

Mega Wheel is a live casino game that is available to play at mega wheel casino sites. The game is manned by live dealers and is a close replica of Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher. When spinning the wheel of live Mega Wheel, you wager real money on one number out of nine Mega Wheel segments in the hopes of landing a win. Easy, yet the game does need some strategy to master. Ready to delve into the world of random multipliers, different colours and live game show wagering? Let’s dig into the world of mega-wheel games, where winning possibilities and live casino fun are endless!

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Where can you play Mega Wheel?

You can play Mega Wheel pragmatic play games at a reputable casino website that offers live casino games. To view if the site offers Mega Wheel, you simply need to head to the casino lobby, click on live casino and search for live Mega Wheel. When visiting top live casino sites, you will also find that the live casino is split into sections. To locate Mega Wheel pragmatic play games, you would need to click on game show games and skim through the game content available.

Another way to play Mega Wheel live is by filtering games by Pragmatic play at casino sites. This entails heading over to the Casino lobby and making use of game developer filters offered by the casino. Select Pragmatic Play from the drop-down menu available, and simply hit the search button.

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How do you play Mega Wheel?

Mega Wheel is a simple game to play, however, some strategy and insight on how to play the game will come in handy. The first thing to keep in mind is that Mega Wheel is presented by live dealers at live casino sites, with the game offered only for real money wagering.

The dealer kicks off the game by introducing the mega wheel live game and also greets current and new players joining the game. The next stage is betting, where each player will be allowed to place bets on a single number on the wheel. In total, there are 8 betting options for you to wager on, the bigger the number, the chunkier the win you will walk away with. The main gain is to guess which number the wheel game will land on during the next spin.

Pragmatic Play's Mega Wheel will see players place bets on the following numbers: 1, 2,5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40. Below we list the winning probability players have when placing bets on specific numbers, with also the amount of times the number is displayed on the wheel.

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How is Mega Wheel different from Evolution Gaming's Dream Catcher?

What makes Mega Wheel different from Dream Catcher is how multipliers are applied throughout the gameplay. During a game of Dream Catcher, a multiplier only is awarded if one of the multiplier spaces is landed on. When tempting your luck at Pragmatic Play Mega Wheel a multiplier is applied on every single spin that you spin. All Mega Wheel spins are subjected to random multipliers whilst Dream Catcher offers multipliers that you manage to land on only.

Each number has a maximum amount that the multiplier can rise to. 1 has a maximum multiplier of 100, 2 has a maximum multiplier of 200, 5 to 10 have a maximum multiplier of 250 and 15 to 40 have a maximum multiplier of 500. This means that the numbers that appear on the wheel the least often have the highest possible multiplier. (See probability table below)

Because the multiplier is applied on every single round it adds a little bit more excitement to proceedings than Dream Catcher. It's also important to remember that the maximum multiplier amount isn't guaranteed on every spin, they can be lower than that amount, so don't expect the top multipliers to be in place on every single spin.

Mega Wheel

Mega Wheel at PlayOJO casino.

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Mega Wheel features

Mega Wheel number segments

When Playing Mega Wheel live, segments play an important role in your overall game gameplay. Below we list all of the fifty-four segments that the game offers. Keep in mind that the segments are split across nine numbers with each offering different colors and payouts. Below we list each payout and also winning payouts:

  • The Number 1 appears 20 times and pays 1:1
  • The Number 2 appears 13 times and pays 2:1
  • The Number 5 appears 7 times and pays 5:1
  • The Number 8 appears 4 times and pays 8:1
  • The Number 10 appears 4 times and pays 10:1
  • The Number 15 appears 2 times and pays 15:1
  • The Number 20 appears 2 times and pays 20:1
  • The number 30 appears only once and pays 30:1
  • The number 40 appears only once and pays 40:1


Mega wheel game multipliers listed above are awarded at the start of every spin with a Random Number Generator (RNG). The maximum multiplier you can walk away with is 500x your bet, however, this multiplier is only available and attached with specific numbers. The wheel game show multipliers are listed below:

  • The number 1 offers a max multiplier of 100x
  • The number 2 offers a max multiplier of 200x
  • The numbers 5, 8 and 10 offer a max multiplier of 250x
  • The numbers 15, 20 and 40 offer a max multiplier of 500x
  • Mega Wheel Live payouts and winning probability

Just like any other online casino game, live Mega Wheel offers various payouts and probabilities of you landing specific wins. Your game strategy is not complete without understanding which numbers could land and the % probability of them landing on your wheel. Whilst luck plays a massive role when playing at online casino sites, understanding and building your live mega wheel betting and winning probabilities, will give you better chances of landing wins.

  • Number 1 has a 37.3% probability win.
  • Number 2 offers a 24.7% probability win.
  • Number 5 offers a 12.96% probability win.
  • Number 8 offers a 7.40 % probability win.
  • Number 10 offers a 7.40% probability win.
  • Number 15 offers a 3.70% probability win.
  • Number 20 offers a 3.70% probability win.
  • Number 30 offers a 1.85 % probability win.
  • Number 40 offers a 1.85 % probability win.
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Placing Bets on Mega Wheel Live

When playing Mega Wheel, you can place bets on just one number, or you can hit the BET ON ALL feature, to place bets on the nine numbers available. An AUTOPLAY feature is also available, making your life easier in case you want to repeat your betting from the previous spins.

How to maximize your Mega Wheel live betting strategy

Different Mega Wheel players offer different game plans and strategies to play and win at Mega Wheel Live. New players trying their luck at the game show wheel can benefit from a number of strategies to maximize gameplay. Here is our take on how to play the game, bet and hopefully maximize your bankroll paid wins.

Manage your Bankroll

Managing your bankroll is imperative when waiting on a game of chance at online casino sites. We always suggest that you put aside a specific amount of money for your player account, without going over your budget. Also, take into consideration the probability percentage listed above when playing Mega Wheel live.

Betting on all Numbers

If the multiplier at the start of the game is a substantial and lucrative one, you might want to consider placing a bet on all the numbers. You might not walk away with a massive fortune, but the payout could also be a hefty one if you are lucky enough with the initial spins This is considered high-risk wagering.

Placing Bets on a selection of Numbers

Keeping in mind the winning probability table listed above, you can place bets on a selection of numbers available on the Mega wheel. Just like Wheel of Fortune, you have better chances of landing a win, if your bets are smaller and scattered across different numbers available to wager on.

Mega Wheel players could divide bets with a blend of smaller numbers (higher probability of landing) and also bigger numbers on the wheel game (smaller probability of landing).

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Can I land casino bonuses when playing Mega Wheel live?

You will find many online casino sites in New Zealand that offer online casino bonuses, with some also dedicated to your live casino gameplay. Whilst it is rare to walk away with a live casino welcome bonus, you will find a good number of betting sites that grant you weekly cashback on all of your live casino losses. This also includes losses incurred at Mega Wheel Live. Most gambling sites offering this weekly bonus will grant you a 10% back on all of your losses. The amount back can then be used to wager on more mega wheel casino play. Terms and conditions do apply to bonuses received.

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What is the maximum payout for Mega Wheel?

The maximum payout for Mega Wheel is set at 20,000 times the player stake. This is awarded whenever players manage to land a 500 times multiplier on the 40 space. With the 40 space being the rare spot on the wheel, it does make this a difficult win to grab. However, the multipliers can increase the size of the payout for all of the numbers to some impressive levels. For example, with the right multiplier, even the 1 number can pay out 100 times your stake. So, it's important to look out for the different multipliers in order to grab the best wins.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mega Wheel

What is a Mega Wheel?

Mega Wheel is a live casino game offered by Pragmatic Play and is available at the best NZ live casinos. The game is an amplified version of Evolution Gaming's Dream Catcher with the added bonus of having multipliers attached to each spin you take on the wheel. Both games are based on the popular game show Wheel of Fortune with the online game also manned by entertaining live dealers.

Where can I play live Mega Wheel?

Live Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play is available to play at live casinos. To view if the game is offered, simply head over to your chosen casino website, and click on the live casino section. Once you locate Mega Wheel live games, you can start placing your bets on mega lucky numbers in the hopes of landing a win.

Is Mega Wheel similar to Evolution Gaming's Dream Catcher?

Both games can be enjoyed at live casino sites with Mega Wheel Pragmatic Play and Evo's Dream Catcher both available to play for real money. Multipliers are always available when spinning Mega Wheel, whilst when playing Dream Catcher, you would need to land a game multiplier to have all your winnings boosted.

Is Mega Wheel a legit game to play?

All of Pragmatic Play's games are tested for RNG to ensure a fair and legitimate gaming experience for the casino player. Also, most NZ casino sites are licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority which controls and ensures that all games are legitimate and offer fair gameplay to all players.

Are there any bonuses tied to Mega Wheel live spins?

Most casino sites offer you a deposit bonus and free bonus spins as part of your welcome bonus package when registering and depositing for the first time. Although only a limited number of casino websites grant you live casino welcome bonus offers, you will find a good number of gambling sites that grant you cashback on all your live casino losses from the previous week. To check if any available bonus offers are available, simply head over to the promotions section and click on the live casino offers.

Can I interact with the live dealer when playing Mega Wheel online?

Once you are logged into your casino player account, you will be able to play casino games either live or non-live. When you play Mega Wheel, you can use the live chat function to interact with your dealer to discuss bets and overall gameplay. Other players and customers can also use the chat live chat function throughout the game.

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