Deal or No Deal slot review

Regular casino games are interesting, but live casino games introduce you to an entirely different world. When speaking of the best casino games, you must talk about Deal or No Deal. This is without a doubt one of the most exciting live dealer games on the market at the moment. It offers players the ability to be a part of the cult game show and play it with a real-life host. What makes this game a favourite and how can you play it?

Keep reading to discover what we found out about the television game.

By Amelia Smith - Updated 03/11/2023 - Estimated reading time: 9 minutes.

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Deal or No Deal slot review

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What is deal or no deal live?

Deal or No Deal Live is a new live dealer game show from Evolution Gaming. It is a variant of the hit TV game show with the same name. The live deal game provides players with the ability to play a casino version of the classic game show, taking the place of the player who is called up to the front with their box. It has some great features that help set it apart from other live dealer games and is genuinely one of the best titles around at the moment.

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Where can you play deal or no deal live?

Players can enjoy Deal or No Deal Live at a large number of different online casino sites. The most suitable way to find the top online casino for your requirements is to look through casino reviews to find the best one for you.

Deal or no deal

Playing Deal or no Deal live at LeoVegas casino.

How icon

How do you play deal or no deal live?

Deal or No Deal Live provides players with two different rounds to get involved with. The first round is the prelim round. This essentially sets up the rest of the game show. This round is basically a mini-game that allows players to set up their stake and bet boost levels when they then move out into the main game. Follow these steps to play the deal game show:

The qualification stage

To play the Deal or No Deal live game show, you must first qualify for the game. The qualification stage involves spinning a wheel to align three gold segments in the upper sector of the wheel. Note that the gold segments can be locked in place on one or all of the reels, guaranteeing qualification for the show. Players who fail to match the golden sectors within the allotted time do not qualify. Hence, they have to repeat the process for the next round until they are accepted.

The qualification stage allows players to spin the wheel an unlimited number of times. Each spin costs from 75X to 500X the player’s wager. Alternatively, an individual can increase the chance of success by switching between ‘Easy’ and ‘Very Easy’ modes. However, doing this means that a higher bet cash value of 3X or 9X must be placed for the Easy or Very Easy mode, respectively. The former locks one ring in place, while the latter locks two.

The last option is to select ‘Instant’, which awards an instant qualification. As one would expect, the bet amount will be increased. Players who want instant qualification must part with 18X their bet amount.

The top-up stage

Upon securing qualification, a timer counts down to the start of the show. At this point, players get to choose their briefcases and top them up by using the top-up wheel. This wheel allows contestants to increase their bet to 5X or 50X. You must select a bet amount to play for each spin and spin the top-up wheel to increase up to the highest-value prize.

The prizes within the briefcases range from 0.10 times your stake to 500 times your stake. While the timer is on, you can select the briefcases that you wish and top them with as much money by spinning the top-up wheel. Briefcases that contain high sums increase the chances of winning big.

Note that you can choose any briefcase. The more you use the top-up wheel, the better your chances of winning big. When the allotted time runs out, models carry the briefcases and their contents into the game show, giving each a number.

The game show

The live dealer takes the central stage of the game show and displays all 16 numbered briefcases behind him in real time. Only one briefcase is in the foreground on a table beside the presenter. It represents the final and most significant piece. An assistant will open the remaining cases in batches and reveal the numbers on the side of the screen that correspond to the case numbers. During each round, a number of briefcases will be chosen, and then at the end of the round, the banker will phone up with a first offer. Contestants can either accept or reject whatever offer the banker makes.

When the presenter reveals a briefcase number, the corresponding briefcase vanishes from the side of the screen, and you lose that potential payout. At the end of each phase, one, four, or five cases are revealed and eliminated. The eliminated briefcases and the prizes revealed in them are what determine if the banker's offer will come up or go down. In turn, the player must answer the famous question and choose ‘Deal or No Deal’.

A 'Deal' is a sum of money that offers you a chance to win cash prizes. Individuals who do not want to risk too much can take it and return to qualify for another game show. In contrast, 'No Deal' means you do not want the offer but wish to carry on with the game because you feel the final briefcase will be more profitable than what the banker offers.

The process will continue until the contestant has 2 briefcases left – the player’s and the final briefcase. Meanwhile, the final briefcase contains the top prize. At this point, you can do two things. The first is to choose ‘No Deal’ to reject the banker's offer and win the prize for their assigned case. The alternative ‘Deal’ is for the contestant to accept the banker’s offer or switch cases to win the prize in the other briefcase for a good deal.

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Tips to win deal or no deal casino game

Deal or No Deal casino game is a game of chance based on luck. Nonetheless, there are ways to maximise enjoyment and improve your experience. They include:

Understand the game format

Take time to read the rules to grasp how to play live deal. Pay attention to the cash prizes that should be in the briefcases. This will come in handy when the banker offers you a deal and you are asked the famous question. If the lower amounts have been eliminated, you know that the big prize is still around, so you might want to delay taking a deal, and vice versa.

Place minimum bets and play the electronic version in demo mode

Prior to the start of the game, you should decide how much you want to bet. As a rule, we believe that you should stick to low bets. This way, you won't spend much to qualify or to spin the top-up wheel. Adjust your bet to match your bankroll and take breaks in between gameplay to refresh your mind. Since you cannot play Live Deal in demo mode, we recommend that you play Electronic Deal or No Deal in demo mode. This will increase your percentage of preparedness to play Live Deal or No Deal.

Maximise bonuses and have fun

Take advantage of casino bonuses to reduce or even eliminate the risk to your money. Shop around for casinos that allow you to play Deal Live with their bonuses. They may be rare, but not impossible. We advise that you always use casino bonuses if they are available. Finally, have fun and avoid gaming when you’re feeling pressured. Take the banker's offer if you're feeling unsure, or reject it if you are confident or hope for huge wins.

Live icon

Live deal or no deal features

In-game bonus features are generally limited to the live game show prelim round. Here, players can make it much easier to get through and start the main game and boost the briefcases. This will make the potential payouts during the main game higher as well, making it easier to get into the game itself. Once you are in the game proper, there aren't any real bonus features as the game is based around the TV game show. However, it would be unfair to ignore the host, as they really do make this a lot of fun.

In conclusion, there are generally additional bonuses available to players if they choose to accept promotions from online casinos. Here, players can add to their bankroll if they can get access to a live game show promotion. There are lots of different sites out there that offer players the opportunity to grab a live dealer bonus, so when you choose your site to play at, make sure you choose one that has live dealer promotions available.

maximum icon

What's the maximum payout for deal or no deal live?

The maximum payout for Deal or No Deal Live TV show is generally set at 500 times the player stake. However, this can be boosted by up to 50% if players select the correct briefcase during the preliminary round. This makes it possible for players to win large prizes if they have wagered enough stake.

What makes Deal or No Deal Live so impressive during the main game is that as soon as it starts, it will guarantee a payout of some description. On top of this, the banker will also make offers based on the number of payouts that are left on the board.

The banker payouts obviously don't offer as high an amount as the top briefcase left on the board, but it will give players the chance to make a guaranteed profit, which isn't always the case if you play all of the way to the final round.

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