Grand Casino Dunedin review

The Grand Casino Dunedin offers an amazing experience for punters in New Zealand. It is housed in the Scenic Hotel Southern Cross with a contemporary style that reflects its 19th-century history. The property, originally named the Grand Hotel, hosts several amenities, including dining, accommodation, and on-site restaurant services.

Central Dunedin might look different from Las Vegas, but the Grand Casino places you near several hospitality services. These include the Scenic Hotel Dunedin City, the Victorian Hotel, the Kingsgate Hotel, and several motels. There aren’t other casinos nearby to challenge the Grand Casino Dunedin.

If you are a punter with a taste for physical casino games, the Grand Casino Dunedin is the place to be. You’ll find electronic games and the famous blackjack, roulette, and baccarat games. With that in mind, let’s explore the Grand Casino Dunedin to see its gaming facility and supporting amenities.

Dunedin casino can be found at 118 High Street, Central Dunedin, Dunedin 9016.

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Grand Casino Dunedin review

Overview of the Casino

This top-rated casino is open every day from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. (Monday to Friday). The site is located at 118 High St, Dunedin.

It functions like most casinos but adds a social aspect that draws people aside from the games. Also, its strategic location in the Scenic Hotel Southern Cross gives it an edge over other casinos with little-to-no lodging services.

Besides playing casino games, you can host social events with guests on the site. Social events you can host include:

  • Corporate team building events
  • Corporate team reward programs
  • Christmas and birthday parties
  • Fundraising events for sports teams and charity
  • Events for community groups

The Grand Casino Dunedin will provide professional croupiers and gaming tables for your guests. This luxury service allows you to provide drinks or food.

The Grand Casino Dunedin social fun gaming can bring the gaming service to any venue you choose. That includes restaurants, bars, community halls, sports clubs, workplaces, etc. Hence, you don’t have to go to Central Dunedin for a fun betting experience on a good Friday night.

You can still visit the Grand Casino Dunedin if you want a nice place to relax while watching other people play. There is accommodation on the site or at nearby hotels. In addition, you can grab tasty meals at the on-site restaurant, enjoy the free wifi, or have a drink or two at the Grand Bar.

The Grand Experiences add the New Year at the Grand option. This package allows guests to usher in the new year in January with style. Bookings are available on the website, with availability subject to the Scenic Hotel Southern Cross.

The New Year package includes 3-course fine dining with dessert at the Boldini Cafe. Live music is also available to shake up the night.

games icon

Casino games on the floor

The layout at the Grand Casino Dunedin will impress you. This casino is one of the premier casinos in Dunedin and New Zealand, by extension. You can find games quickly, and the prices are friendly.

This Southern Hotel Dunedin casino offers old and new games to match its contemporary yet modern architecture and art. The impressive mosaic tile floor and staircase bring the fun to life. With as little as $0.01, you can kickstart your gaming adventure in the casino.

The beautiful staircase leads to the domed roof for fresh air after a gaming session. A private company owned by Lani Hagaman manages the casino. However, several operators manage or operate the game machines in the casino.

All you must do is pay the required deposit, collect the chips, and sit at any of the tables in the Dunedin casino. You can pay and play all through the night until 3 a.m.

The games at Grand Casino Dunedin include the following:

  • Table games: There aren’t many table games at the Grand Casino Dunedin. However, it offers 12 gaming tables with blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and Caribbean Stud Poker options. You can play against the house or other players for real money.
  • Electronic games: We recommend switching to electronic games for more options. Fortunately, the restaurant service is nearby for a quick dinner before climbing these electronic machines for the night. There are 108 world-class electronic machines to bet real money on and enjoy the adrenaline rush.

The game variety at this Dunedin casino is less broad than most online casinos offer. However, you’ll enjoy the ambience and the thrill of being with a physical dealer.

You can take the games with you through the Grand Casino Social Events.

Dunedin casino style

View of the style at Dunedin casino.

The dress code at the casino

There is a dress code for every person at the Grand Casino. It applies to those staying at the hotel as well.

The Grand Casino expects all guests to always wear neat and tidy clothes. You can dress smart or casual. Ripped jeans, shorts, and sportswear are prohibited.

For men, shirts should be collared. No flip-flops or sleeveless tops are allowed on the gaming floor. Contact the casino’s customer support team for further clarifications.

Feeling hungry?

Gambling is the primary activity at the Grand Casino, but the Southern Cross building also offers a restaurant service. The old-fashioned steak on the menu will soothe your taste buds for a quick lunch or dinner. Most importantly, the prices at the restaurant are friendly.

The restaurant is operational from January through November to December. It offers a feast of contemporary New Zealand cuisine from Monday to Friday.

On Fridays, a great Fish and Chips special is offered. You will also enjoy the Panko chicken on the menu. Both are served with hand-made fries and a special house dip.

The menu also offers classic dishes like prime ribs, BBQ pork spare ribs, chicken dishes, and more. You don’t need much money to get a meal at the restaurant service. With $8, you can get a mouthwatering meal to refill and resume your gaming sessions.

This dining venue is perfect for seniors, as there is a special menu for senior citizens who visit. The cuisine service also has a $10 lunch menu. With menus for $8, $10, and above, there is always something to satisfy your taste buds.

At the Grand Bar, you will find an excellent a-la-carte menu. Take advantage of being a Dunedin Grand Bar and Cafe Casino Club member and get a 10% discount on any full-priced meal. You can also use bonus points to pay for food and receive a 25% discount.

A special happy hour set menu is available between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Meal times at the Grand Bar and Restaurant:

  • 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. daily: Main menu - lunch
  • From 5 p.m. daily: Main menu - dinner

Besides that, the Grand Casino New Zealand offers beverage, dessert, and grazing menus. You can always visit other hotels and motels to explore other New Zealand cuisine.

For more info on the menu at Grand Casino, visit the Grand Experiences page on the website. You can download and view the menus before arriving at the casino.


Dunedin is an excellent location for holidays and dates. The Grand Casino is well-equipped for a week-long stay starting Monday. Located in Central Dunedin, New Zealand, the casino lies within several hospitality services.

The Southern Cross Hotel housing the Grand Casino might not be the largest in New Zealand, but it offers uncompromised comfort. It has 178 rooms, including 60 standard rooms, 8 suites, and 110 superior rooms. All rooms have free wifi and other amenities, as follows:

  • A fridge
  • A minibar
  • Tea and coffee facilities
  • Sky TV
  • A hair dryer, iron, and ironing board

Contact the support team or visit the website to book a room. Additional terms and conditions will apply besides those from the casino. Nevertheless, the prices are pocket-friendly.

The Toitu Otago Settlers Museum

There aren’t many side attractions at the Grand Casino. However, you can visit the museum for insights into the history of the settlers from 10 a.m.

Reward icon

Reward program

The Grand Casino rewards its players with status points as they play games. Earn more points to climb the tier levels and enjoy exclusive benefits, including draws and discounts on food and beverages. The latter applies when you visit the Grand Bar and Restaurant.

Here are the benefits of the Grand Rewards:

  • Discount when staying at the Southern Cross Hotel
  • Bonus points
  • Tier points for holidays
  • Complimentary on-site parking
  • Invitation to Prestige events

There are many benefits to being a club member. Hence, check with Player Services when you visit the casino. Contact the support team for more information.

The rewards card can be helpful if you enjoy eating and drinking while playing. You can enjoy complimentary non-alcoholic beverages while playing. Combine this with the competitive prices of the meals, and you can expect a spectacular time at the casino.

Grand Rewards has five levels: rewards, plus, legend, prestige, and elite.

Grand casino dunedin slots

Overview of the atmosphere with pokies at Grand casino Dunedin.

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The Grand Casino is a premier gaming location in Dunedin, New Zealand. It is located within the Scenic Southern Cross Hotel, making it an excellent choice for betting and hospitality. Even so, there are other hotels nearby.

Regarding games, the Grand Casino has 180 electronic machines with 12 table games. These games are easy and affordable to play. In a session, the price for a single bet can be as low as $0.01.

The price of a meal at the restaurant is pocket-friendly. You can get menus costing as little as $8.

Overall, the food quality is excellent. Looking for fine desserts? This is the place to go!

You can grab lunch and dinner while playing at the casino. The Grand Casino and the Southern Cross Hotel have earned many positive reviews on TripAdvisor, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Pick a date, book in person or online, and see things for yourself the next time you are in New Zealand. While hoping for the best, the Grand Casino will not disappoint.

questions icon

Frequently asked questions about Dunedin Grand Casino

Is free wifi available at the Grand Casino?

Free wifi is available when you book a room at the Scenic Southern Cross Hotel.

How do I join Grand Casino?

You can join through the registration page on the website. Alternatively, visit the casino if you are in Dunedin.

Will I get a bonus for joining the Grand Casino?

The casino offers 10% off food and beverages when you sign up for the Grand Rewards.

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