Zero on roulette

Roulette has long been a favourite game in any casino setting, and with the offering of online casinos, you can now enjoy the thrills of this table game at home or on a mobile device. You will find that the leading casino sites will support multiple versions of the game. It is important to know the rules and payouts of each before placing a wager.

Generally, roulette that has a single zero will offer the best chance of winning. Still, recently, a game with no zero has been introduced, and it is quickly becoming a leading choice. When playing roulette online, you can find traditional online-style games, and you will also be able to engage in the action of a live dealer game of roulette. Even live dealer games come in different variations.

Below, we discuss roulette and how the zero in roulette is used in the different types of games that can be found at some of the top-rated casino sites in the industry. Check out our roulette rules as well.

By Amelia Smith - Updated 13/02/2024 - Estimated reading time: 13 minutes.

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Zero on roulette

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The Roulette Wheel: Main Component of the Game

It is impossible to talk about the zero bet in roulette without first discussing the main element of the game, which is the roulette wheel. This is because every bet in the game is dependent on this wheel. Without a doubt, the roulette wheel is the most important component of this classic table game.

There are two main parts of the roulette wheel. These are the numbers and the colours. The typical roulette wheel comprises 37 (European wheel) or 38 (American wheel) numbered pockets, depending on the variant. There are 3 colours on the wheel: red, black, and green. The zero, which can be single or double, is usually the only pocket in green on the roulette wheel. The roulette wheel pockets 1–36 are divided into 3 columns of 12 numbers each.

The numbers aren't arranged on the wheel in sequential order. This is to ensure that the outcome of the wheel is as random as possible. Other components of the game include the roulette table, which is the betting layout where you can place a bet, and the ball, which is used to determine the outcome of a round in roulette.

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Single zero roulette

Single-zero roulette is also known as European roulette. It is the first roulette type that was created, and as such, there are a lot of other roulette variants that are based on this roulette type. The house edge is reduced, and there are a lot of bet options in European Roulette. Let's look at some key aspects of this as related to the zero in roulette.

European Roulette Wheel

The European roulette wheel is divided into 37 numbers. There is only one zero, which is in green; 18 pockets are red, and the remaining 18 are black. When the roulette wheel is spun in one direction, the ball is spun in the opposite direction on the wheel. The pocket where the ball lands is the winning number. Typically, on the European roulette wheel, the single zero (0) pocket lies between black 26 and red 32.

Betting on Zero in European Roulette

The number zero on the European roulette wheel is the only number that ensures the house can make some gains on bets. If there's no zero on the roulette wheel, it will mean that every bet placed on even bets will have a 50:50 payout. However, this isn't the case. The bet on green zero in European roulette has a 1 in 37 chance of occurring, and this brings the house edge to 2.63%, which is lower than that in American roulette.

Other Variants that Use the European Roulette Wheel

The most popular roulette variant that is based on European roulette is French roulette. Both French and European roulette are played with a single zero pocket. The probability of correctly predicting the single green zero is also 1 in 37. However, the house edge in the French version of this casino game is reduced to 1.35%.

The main reason why this is different is because of the La Partage and En Prison rules.Apart from this, French roulette is played in the same way as European roulette. Almost all other popular variants offered by software providers in online casinos are based on European Roulette. Examples include multi-wheel roulette, mini-roulette, pinball roulette, etc.

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Double zero roulette

Double-zero roulette is also known as American roulette. Even though European roulette is the oldest and most popular variant of roulette, American roulette is the next most popular variant. As a matter of fact, several roulette games are based on American roulette. The house edge in American roulette is higher than that in European roulette.

American Roulette Wheel

The only difference between the American roulette wheel and the classic roulette wheel is the number of zero pockets. So, there are 3 columns with 12 random numbers each. However, there is a single green zero (0) and a double zero green (00), which is the second green pocket of the American roulette wheel. Because of this, the total number of pockets when playing American roulette is 38. This is higher than the total number of pickets in European roulette. Typically, on the American roulette wheel, the (0) pocket lies between 28 black and 2, while the double zero (00) pocket lies between 27 red and 1 red.

Betting on Zero in American Roulette

Because of the American roulette double zero pockets, the house advantage is increased. The probability of a bet on zero playing is 1 in 38, and this increases the house edge to 5.26%. Because American roulette has an increased house advantage, more often than not, it is the roulette variant that you'll find at a land-based casino. Smarter roulette players tend to avoid playing the American game and instead play roulette games on the European wheel.


The Mini Roulette includes one zero at casino.

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Special Rules in French Roulette InvolvingNumber Zero on the Roulette Wheel

Normally, when you play roulette at online casinos, it is very likely that you'll lose money any time the ball falls into the zero pocket. French roulette has some rules that can help mitigate these losses. They are La Partage and En Prison rules. However, some variants of American Roulette allow the La Partage rule.

La Partage Rule

This is a special rule in roulette that returns half of your original bet when the ball lands in the 0 pocket. Normally, even money bets result in a loss when the ball lands in the green zero in roulette. However, in this special bet, you lose only half your stake. The bets that players can place and get half back using the La Partage rule are red, black, even, odd, high, or low outcomes. This rule makes French roulette or its variants very appealing to players, as it reduces the number of losing bets that players have.

En Prison Rule

En Prison can sometimes be mistaken for La Partage, but they are two different rules in the game. Even though they might have some similarities, they are different. The similarity between the two is that both bets do not allow you to lose all the money that you have wagered. While the former returns half your stake to you, En Prison allows the house to hold your bet for the next spin. In this case, the player has a lower chance of winning since there is no guarantee that they'll win on the next spin of the roulette wheel.

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Roulette Zero Tips

In the game of roulette, your chances of hitting 0 are very slim, as this betting option has one of the highest odds in the game. We generally would not advise that you place too many bets on zero unless you are a high roller. You also need to understand that roulette is a game of chance, and as such, the tips that we provide here will not guarantee that you'll always win. Let's look at some tips that will improve your chances.

Bet on La Partage Roulette

The first thing that you can do that may improve your chances when betting on green zero is to choose games with La Partage. This is because even when you lose, you will get some of your money back.

Avoid the American Roulette Wheel if Possible

American roulette has the highest house edge among all the popular roulette variants. Because of this, we believe that it is self-sabotaging to play on an American roulette table. Play other variants that have only one single green zero pocket. You should only play American roulette when other options are unavailable.

Place Bets on French or European Roulette

If you have the option of betting on French or European roulette at an online casino, always go for it. They have more betting options, and above all, the house advantage is reduced. To maximize your roulette gaming experience, you should play French roulette.

Don't Wager Too Much Money on Green Zero

We must reiterate that bets placed on green zero have the same probability of winning as all other single-number bets. Your chances of winning are meagre. Wagering too much money on this bet option would see you use up your bankroll in no time.

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Roulette without zero

The no-zero roulette game is by far the best when it comes to the odds of winning. The payouts for individual number bets remain at 35:1, but the overall odds of the game change drastically. With American and European roulette offering a house edge of 5.26% and 2.63%, respectively, no zero roulette has a 0% house edge. This provides you with true odds while playing the game.

The appeal of this game comes from the many winning streaks that can be enjoyed. While this has not been a popular version in the past years, it is now emerging in many online casinos, and in 2024, it is expected to be the most-played version of roulette in the world. Unfortunately, some casinos will refrain from offering it because of the low house edge, and they are in business to make a profit, not give their money away.

Choosing the best game

It can be easy to get caught up in the action and thrills of playing roulette, but the zero does play an important role. Whenever possible, try to find a no zero game, but if you can't, choose French or European Roulette. The American version should be the last choice, and many will avoid it completely when it is offered at an online casino. You will want to play the game that has the lowest house edge and the truest odds, so pay attention to the zero spaces that are in use.

Online roulette is not a difficult game to learn, but don't make the mistake of overlooking the importance of the green zero and how it will affect overall payouts if you play the game for any length of time.

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Zero on Roulette: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of the zero in roulette?

The zero in roulette determines the house edge and affects the odds of various bets. It's an important element that distinguishes different variants of the game.

What is the difference between European and American roulette regarding the zero?

In European Roulette, there is a single zero (0) pocket, while American Roulette has both a single zero (0) and a double zero (00) pocket.

What is the La Partage rule in French roulette?

This is a rule that returns half of a player's even-money bet if the ball lands on zero. This reduces the house edge and increases the player’s advantage.

What is the En Prison rule in roulette?

This rule allows the house to hold a player's bet for the next spin if the ball lands on zero.

What are the main bets associated with the zero in roulette?

The primary bets involving zero are the Zero Bet (single number bet), Voisins du Zero (Neighbours of zero), and Jeu Zero (Zero game) bets.

Which roulette variant is most favourable for players?

French roulette is the most favourable for players due to its reduced house edge.

Why should I avoid placing too many bets on zero?

Betting heavily on zero is risky since it has the same low probability of winning as other single-number bets. It's advisable, especially for non-high rollers, to diversify bets.

What category of casino players are favoured the most by zero bets?

Betting on the green number (0) in roulette doesn't particularly favour any set of casino players, as the results of the game are completely random. However, high rollers may enjoy this bet option because they have more money and can afford to wager on better odds that have lower chances of winning.

Will I always win when I play roulette with the tips in this article?

No, roulette is a game of chance, and while these tips can improve your odds, they do not guarantee consistent winnings. Always gamble responsibly.

Can I use bonuses when betting on green zero in roulette?

Yes, you can use casino bonuses when betting on green zero roulette. However, it is important to state that the roulette variant that you play must be one of the eligible games in meeting the wagering requirements of the bonus.

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