Playing Casino With Bonus NZ Guide

Although it might sound weird, sometimes it is better to play at a casino without a bonus. There are even special no bonus casinos out there that deliberately don’t offer any bonuses to their players.

But why exactly is playing at a casino without bonus sometimes the better option? In this guide, we will explain why you might be better off without casino bonuses and promotions. You will learn how to decline an offered bonus and get to know the pros and cons of doing so.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

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Playing Casino With Bonus NZ Guide

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NZ Casinos where you can deny the bonus

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    NeonVegas Since 2020
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    Wildz casino
    Wildz casino Since 2019
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    Viggoslots Since 2017
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    iBet casino
    iBet casino Since 2021
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    SkyCity Casino
    SkyCity Casino Since 2019
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Online Casino Without Bonus

Almost every online casino gives away bonuses to its players. These bonuses range from deposit bonuses to reload bonuses, free spins, cashback bonuses, and no deposit bonuses. Each casino claims to be giving the highest and best casino bonuses, however, this is often not true.

But it is not for this reason that some players rather play at an online casino without bonus. Most players that prefer a no bonus casino over casinos that offer bonuses have bad experiences with casino bonuses in the past and simply don’t trust them anymore.

Now, you might think: how can a bonus, which is a gift, cause a bad experience? Well, allow us to explain.

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The Disadvantages of Casino Bonuses

Bonus Requirements - You usually have to 'clear' a bonus before you are able to withdraw any winnings and sometimes even your own deposited money. In same cases, you hit a decent slot spin or win a nice hand of Blackjack, but you are obliged to continue playing because you haven’t met the so-called wagering requirements yet. This can be very frustrating.

Game Restrictions - You may not play some games at all as long as a bonus is active or they do not or hardly count towards the playthrough. For example, bets placed on live blackjack and live roulette often only count about 5% to 10% towards the playthrough of casino bonuses. Some pokies with high RTP ratios, like 1429 Uncharted Seas, Blood Suckers, and Dead or Alive cannot be played at all.

Maximum Betting Limits - A maximum bet almost always applies when clearing a bonus. For example, NZ$5 per spin, hand, or game round. If you prefer to play with larger bets, then a bonus is of no use to you.

It must also be noted that some casinos have maximum betting limits in their bonus requirements, but will not tell you when you are placing bets larger than allowed. Only when you want to submit a withdrawal request, they will point you on this in your playing history and decline your payout.

Low Value Free Spins - Sometimes you get a bonus in the form of very low valued free spins, which you then have to play one by one, without using the auto play feature. Not everyone is into that.

Bonus Abuse - All casinos with a bonus have a rule about 'bonus abuse' in their terms and conditions. If the casino finds that you have abused a bonus, the casino will confiscate your entire balance, including your own deposited money.

In short: quite a bit of hassle, which you can avoid by playing at an online casino without bonus or no bonus casino.

Casino bonus

The welcome bonus and requirements of casino.

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The Advantages of an Online Casino Without Bonus

If you play at an online casino without bonus, it will save you a lot of fuzz and potential dissapointment. You can bet whatever you want on all games, and you can always withdraw what you win immediately, with no questions asked.

Of course, you can refuse the bonuses offered to you at most New Zealand online casinos, in which case you do not have any potential issues in the first place. But then you miss a few specific benefits that you find only at online casinos that do not offer a bonus:

- If a casino does not spend money on bonuses, more money is available for paying out prizes to players. A casino without a bonus will, therefore, usually offer the best-paying games. So you often have a better chance of winning at these no bonus casinos than at other online casinos.

Some pokies with very high RTP ratios that aren’t available at most online casinos are Ocean Princess by Playtech with 99,10% RTP, Nemo’s Voyage by WMS with 99,00% RTP, and Mega Joker by NetEnt with 99,00% RTP.

- An online casino that does not offer bonuses can process withdrawals very quickly. The financial department does not have to check whether you have met the bonus conditions with every payout. Most casinos without bonuses process e-wallet withdrawal requests instantly and sometimes even bank wire transfer withdrawals within a couple of hours.

For most players, these are good reasons to play at no bonus casinos. However, we will also cover how to play at casinos that offer bonuses, but declining any bonus or promotion offered and the advantages of doing so.

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How to Decline Casino Bonuses and Promotions

You decline casino bonuses and promotions by being very careful during the sign up process at online casinos that offer them. The reason why we cannot stipulate enough that you have to be very careful, is that most oftenly, you automatically accept any bonus or promotion offered unless you explicitly tick a small box that says that you don’t want to receive any.

In the case you couldn’t find such a box and have accidentally accepted a bonus during or after your first deposit, we highly recommend contacting the customer support of the casino in question directly. You then tell the support staff that you don’t want to play with any active bonus and ask them to remove it.

Remember: whatever you do, do not place any bets with an active bonus as even a single bet will allow the casino to say that you have used the bonus and this will greatly reduce the chance they will remove the bonus.

The same actually counts for casino promotions. Simply try not to use any of them and if you accidentally receive a reload bonus or free spins on top of one of your deposits, simply contact the customer support of the casino and ask them to remove the bonus.

Trustworthy and reliable online casinos will always honor such a request and only rogue and scam casinos will decline, forcing you to play through the bonus or promotion.

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Disadvantages of Declining Casino Bonuses

Although you may want to play without casino bonuses or promotions, which we perfectly understand, we do want you to know that you are declining a few advantages casino bonuses can give you. Below we will discuss the disadvantages of declining casino bonuses in detail so that you can make an informed decision whether or not to accept casino bonuses when offered.

Risk Reduction - Although casino bonuses come with wagering requirements and other terms and conditions, it is true that they reduce your risk. Whether you receive free spins, free bets, extra bonus credits to play with, they all leverage your balance and allow you to place more bets or wager more on your favorite casino game. Ultimately, this doesn’t only lead to risk reduction, but also to increased play time duration.

Familiarizing Yourself - Casino bonuses allow you to familiarize yourself with casino games you normally wouldn’t play or bet your own money on. This can be a great way to learn new casino games. However, in most cases, this can also be done for free with demo versions and other forms of free online casino games.

Loyalty Rewards - This is the only sort of bonus that we actually recommend every player to opt-in for, even those that normally tend to shy away from casino bonuses. Loyalty rewards often have very loose requirements and are, as it says on the tin, rewards for you being a loyal player playing for a while at the same online casino.

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Playing Casino Without Bonus – Conclusion

In the end, it is all a matter of personal taste whether or not you play casino games such as pokies, Blackjack, and Roulette with or without a bonus at online casinos and gambling websites.

All we can say is that you should always thoroughly read the bonus terms and conditions of any casino bonus or promotion offered before accepting it. In general, the following rule of thumb counts: the requirements are more important than the height of a bonus.

This means that even though a very high deposit bonus or high amount of free spins may look good, the true value of a casino bonus can be found in its terms. Having said this, we hope you enjoy playing at one of our top-rated New Zealand online casinos, with or without bonus.

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Frequently asked questions about no bonus casinos

Are online casino bonuses worth it?

This depends on your personal preferences. Some players find that online casino bonuses are worth it whilst others prefer not to accept casino bonuses or promotions.

What is the best casino bonus NZ?

The best casino bonus for Kiwi Players is Neon Vegas Casino’s $500 welcome bonus + 100 free spins, followed by Wazamba’s $800 welcome bonus + 200 free spins. Alternatively, you could make use of Spinyoo’s $1,000 welcome bonus + 100 free spins.

How can I take advantage of a casino bonus?

You can take advantage of a casino bonus by using it to familiarize yourself with new casino games or by reducing your risk. Keep in mind that most online casinos have anti bonus abuse rules in place, so don’t try to abuse a bonus but just take slight advantage of it.

Can I use a casino bonus with no playthrough?

In the case of a no deposit bonus, which is when you receive an amount of bonus money from an online casino with no playthrough requirements, you can oftenly use it without any repercussions.

What is a casino bonus with low wagering requirements?

The industry average in terms of wagering requirements across online casinos is 30 to 35x. This means that any casino bonus with lower wagering requirements, such as with 20x wagering requirements, is considered a casino with low wagering requirements.

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