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Once upon a time, in the early months of 2017, a driven and enterprising individual named William Thompson (Born in 1988, Queenstown NZ) embarked on a journey that would forever change his life. Armed with a deep passion for gambling and a legal mind honed at the University of Otago, William became the founder of the renowned casino comparison website, OnlineCasinosRealMoney.co.nz.

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During his time at the University of Otago, William delved into the world of law, specializing in international gambling legislation. Intrigued by the complex web of rules and regulations that governed the gambling industry, he sought practical experience and took on an internship at a prestigious gambling law firm. This invaluable opportunity allowed him to gain firsthand insights into the intricate nuances of gambling laws and their global impact.

After completing his studies, William realized that his true calling lay in merging his legal expertise with his love for gambling. With unwavering determination, he founded OnlineCasinosRealMoney.co.nz, envisioning a platform that would not only serve as a comprehensive resource for gamblers but also provide valuable insights into the legal aspects of the industry.

William Thompson in 2021

What began as a passion project soon became William's full-time pursuit. He dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the website, immersing himself in extensive research to ensure that his reviews and comparisons were accurate, thorough, and unbiased. As a natural researcher, William had a knack for uncovering hidden gems and sought-after deals for his website's visitors.

With his legal background, William possessed a unique advantage over others in the industry. He knew how to navigate the complex landscape of international gambling laws, ensuring that his website complied with regulations while providing the best possible user experience. His legal expertise allowed him to address legal concerns with confidence and provide valuable advice to both players and gambling companies.

Outside of his work on the website, William channeled his legal acumen into his own business, offering legal consulting services to gambling companies. His deep understanding of the industry's legal intricacies, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, made him a trusted advisor to those seeking guidance on compliance, licensing, and regulatory matters.

William's dedication to his craft was evident in his approach to writing reviews for OnlineCasinosRealMoney.co.nz. He meticulously researched each casino, leaving no stone unturned. His willingness to go the extra mile set him apart as a true professional in his field. He reached out to industry contacts, engaging in phone calls and email correspondence to gather the most up-to-date information and secure exclusive deals for the website's visitors.

As time passed, OnlineCasinosRealMoney.co.nz flourished under William's guidance. His reviews became highly sought after, attracting a growing number of visitors to the site. The platform became synonymous with trust and reliability, thanks to William's commitment to transparency and his ability to distill complex legal information into accessible content.

William Thompson, the founder of OnlineCasinosRealMoney.co.nz, epitomized the merging of passion and expertise. With a legal background rooted in international gambling laws, he carved his own path in the online gambling industry. His dedication to research, his unwavering commitment to delivering valuable content, and his knack for securing the best deals solidified his reputation as a trusted authority in the field.

The story of William Thompson serves as a testament to the power of pursuing one's passion and leveraging unique skills to create a successful venture. As he continues to shape the future of OnlineCasinosRealMoney.co.nz, William remains dedicated to providing gamblers with an unparalleled platform that combines legal knowledge, comprehensive reviews, and exceptional deals, ensuring that players can make informed choices and embark on thrilling gambling experiences.

You can reach William for all your gambling brand and legal questions on william.thompson@onlinecasinosrealmoney.co.nz. He currently has no Linkedin page.

William's knowledge of his (gambling) law studies didn't go unnoticed. He had the privilege to share his knowledge as speaker on several occasions:

East Coast Gaming Congress "What are the risks of too strict gambling regulation?" - 2022 and 2023

iGB Live! Amsterdam "What the world can learn from gambling regulations in Sweden" - 2022, 2023

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Article published 24/05/2023

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