Shoot for the stars with 5 Monsters slot!

Shoot for the stars with 5 Monsters slot!

Set in a space shuttle, you will see why the title makes sense, this slot has an abundance of entertaining features which really help to enhance the gameplay; something which, it is clear that software provider Max Win Gaming has clearly put a lot of emphasis on.


The backstory of the slot is that following a big disaster on their planet, five monsters hibernated in a space shuttle in order to look for another one to live on once more. 


As a result, the aim of the gameplay is that you are required to generate enough energy for each of the different monsters to reawaken.

What do we know about the slot?

Set on a 5x5 grid, which requires seven matching symbols to make a winning combination, the 5 Monsters slot provides much innovation and entertainment throughout. 


With a respectable RTP (Return-to-Player) rating of 96.73 per cent, in addition to a maximum win figure of 55.555x your initial stake, this does add particular weight to a cleverly developed slot. 


The high volatility level though, means that novices might want to be careful and perhaps try playing the slot on demo mode first to get used to it. Despite this, the simplicity of the gameplay means that it is easy to get your head around and you could feel very comfortable playing it in no time at all.


A variety of symbols includes the basic, low paying ones that encompass circles, squares and triangles and, as a result, lining up seven of these will generate a return of 1x your original stake.


Meanwhile, the higher paying symbols include five different planets and, ultimately, getting seven of these in a winning combination will win you between 1.5 and 4x your initial bet.


However, every time that you line up a winning combination of seven higher paying symbols, the progress bar in the corner of the grid will progressively become more complete. As such, it means that when it does fill up, the Collector Bonus feature is then activated.


The much sought after Collector Bonus will then automatically trigger three free spins to start with though, if you land a spin count with these, the bonus allowance goes back to three each time. 


Multiplier symbols meanwhile, which can be valued at anywhere between 2x and 5x your bet can add nicely to your cash flow, though it is the Activator symbols that you will want to be aiming for, because these generate a much higher return.


There are also feature buy bonuses, with each one providing you with the chance to win a certain, more lucrative ‘x’ your initial wager, though these come at a cost. One feature buy that gives you the chance to win 75x costs one unlocked monster. For 100x it is two monsters, 150x is three unlocked monsters, 200x is four, while the chance to win 300x your bet will cost you five unlocked monsters. However, you can randomly unlock a collector bonus round that provides you with the chance to win 150x your wager, regardless of how many monsters that you have managed to unlock.

Verdict of the 5 Monsters slot

It has to be said, that from a creative standpoint of how the slot has been developed - especially the bonus rounds, has been cleverly thought of, while the concept and design is particularly unique.


The minimum stake per spin is essentially an industry standard 0.20, though the maximum bet is capped at only 18.00.


There is no reason why you should not enjoy this slot, especially if you know the industry and have played many before, however, if you are a novice, it is worth trying out the demo mode first to get used to the high volatility level.

Author: Amelia Smith

Amelia Smith

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This news article was published on 11-07-2023

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