Christchurch Casino review

Christchurch Casino offers one of the best gambling experiences in New Zealand. It is the city's one-stop destination for gambling, fantastic restaurants, and wholesome fun. You will want to take some time to check out Christchurch Casino if you are in town for business or leisure. Christchurch Casino was established in 1994 and it is the first casino location in New Zealand.

Christchurch Casino is known for providing exceptional entertainment, and it is regarded as Christchurch's premiere gaming destination. Located in Christchurch Central City, New Zealand, the destination is home to fantastic restaurants, world-class gaming areas, and a safe environment. Apart from its slot machines and three great restaurants, Christchurch Casino hosts the New Zealand poker championships, which pull in large crowds.

Christchurch Central City has been transformed into the city's one-stop destination for fun with a reputation for providing exceptional service. Christchurch Casino offers 32 table games450 slot machines, and three great restaurants and bars. Its world-class gaming areas provide exceptional entertainment in a safe environment. pokies on the gaming floor, more than double what is offered at other New Zealand casinos.

The great thing about this land casino is that it is open 24 hours a day. You can visit at any time and always have access to some of the finest casino games or catch the sporting action on Christchurch's biggest TV screen. When you are tired of looking at the biggest TV screen, hit the dance floor and groove to the music. The casino is located at 30 Victoria Street in Christchurch Central City and has become one of the top gambling destinations for Kiwi players because of its world-class gaming areas.

You will benefit from a stylish layout and some of the best games in the industry. With a massive selection, you will find your options to be endless and will quickly see why Christchurch Casino has become known as one of the best and first casinos in all of New Zealand. Discover the city's one-stop destination for fun, an indulgent dining experience, sporting action, and other amenities in this Christchurch Casinos review.

Christchurch casino can be found at 30 Victoria Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8013.

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Christchurch Casino review

Gaming options

As soon as you step onto the casino floor at Christchurch Casino, you will be impressed with the offering of games. The casino is Christchurch's premiere gaming destination, and it rivals any land casino in New Zealand. As the first casino in New Zealand, the Christchurch Casino offers 32 table games and is continuously striving to bring more games to the casino.

All of the games provide multiple betting options, so they will suit your casino budget, whether you are a casual gambler or a high roller. Christchurch wants to keep providing exceptional entertainment, which is why its initiatives ensure players are always satisfied.

Slot machines are by far the most popular games found at this New Zealand casino. The Christchurch Casino offers 32 table games, 450 slot machines, and other amazing titles. Many of the slots at Christchurch Casino are traditional three-reel slots, so you can enjoy a great experience with these easy-to-play games. The table games, 450 slot machines, and other titles are real money games providing exceptional entertainment for visitors.

Players can gamble with their friends and family or against other guests at Christchurch's premiere gaming destination. There are also tons of the latest and greatest video slots. These games offer multiple paylines and great bonus features, so you can expect to win a lot while taking spins on these titles.

If you want to spend some time at the 32 table games, 450 slot machines, and pokies there is no shortage of options. The casino has some impressive blackjack tables that can be enjoyed at various bet amounts. These games are always popular, and the tables do fill up fast, but since the casino has multiple tables, you will be able to find a seat as long as you visit during off-peak hours. There are also roulette and baccarat tables that can be chosen, along with some thrilling poker tables.

Christchurch casino gaming floor

View of the gaming floor at Christchurch casino.

Gaming packages

One of the things that will make your experience unique at Christchurch Casino is the offering of gaming packages. These will enhance your visit and can offer you endless opportunities to generate payouts. Various packages are offered, and you can choose which will best suit your needs.

Ace High Package

This costs $750 for two tables. You can enjoy exclusive use of gaming tables for as long as two hours and will have access to professional dealers who can teach you the rules of any table game. You will also receive a complimentary house beverage and will get your first $5 bet for free. If you are an average or intermediate player with a general knowledge of how most table games work then this is for you.

Full House Package

This is an $800 package for up to 10 players. If you want to add additional players, it will cost $80 each. With this package, you get access to a gaming table for 1 ½ hours and will receive two complimentary beverages. The package also offers complimentary appetisers and a $5 first-free bet chip.

The Royal Package

This is the best of the best and is a $1200 package for up to 10 people. You can make use of an exclusive table for two hours with a professional dealer. You will also receive complimentary beverages for the duration of the package. This package is great for large parties of gamblers looking to have fun among themselves.

Straight Package

This is a perfect package for beginners and is a $700 package that features access to two tables for two hours. You can have between 2 and 3 professional dealers. If you are trying to learn the ropes in a low-pressure environment where the stakes are low, then this is the package for you.

Restaurants and bars

With a visit to Christchurch Casino, you will be able to take a break from gambling to visit one of four establishments for an indulgent dining experience. The great restaurants at Christchurch Casino offer different menus to suit your tastes and provide affordable dining options. The fantastic restaurants and bars catch and pull in visitors because of their reputation for providing exceptional services in a safe environment. Christchurch is continuously striving to provide exceptional entertainment and customer service satisfaction that is unrivalled in New Zealand.

Grand Café

At the Grand Café, you can enjoy the ultimate dining experience and can even visit the brunch buffet every Saturday and Sunday with opening hours starting at 8 a.m. The restaurant also offers a full lunch menu and a host responsibility programme that guarantees exceptional entertainment experiences that are common at Christchurch casinos. The host responsibility programme ensures that visitors do not get irresponsibly drunk. These initiatives ensure Christchurch takes responsibility for its customers, and staff guarantee a high level of entertainment and customer service.

Monza Sports Bar

If you are looking for a casual atmosphere, check out the Monza Sports Bar. Here, you can relax with a small bite and some great beverages while you catch the sporting action on Christchurch's biggest TV screen. Catching your favourite sporting action on Christchurch's biggest TV screen hit is the best experience in New Zealand. Monza Sports Bar has a reputation for providing exceptional service to its customers. The host responsibility programme also applies to the bar, and bar staff promote responsible drinking among Christchurch customers.

Chi Kitchen

If you prefer a luxury dining experience, Chi Kitchen is the place to be. Here, you will find a great menu featuring Cantonese dishes. This venue also offers seating for banquets and special event functions. The Chinese restaurant prides itself on offering superb entertainment and customer service. It is also one of the fantastic restaurants and bars servicing the patrons at Christchurch, creating a fun exciting atmosphere for relaxation and an indulgent dining experience.

Valley Bar

Finally, the last of the fantastic restaurants and bars in Christchurch is the Valley Bar. Here, you will enjoy a modern décor as you take in a quick bite or a cup of coffee. There is live entertainment scheduled every weekend, and the café offers a casual setting. Although it is different from the great restaurants and bars available, the Valley Bar maintains exceptional entertainment and customer service as the other establishments.

Christchurch casino entance

View of the entrance of Christchurch casino.

Final verdict

No matter what you are looking to eat or drink, Christchurch Casino has all bases covered. This New Zealand casino is a top-rated venue and the first casino in the city. It is packed with gambling excitement, great restaurants, and many live entertainment options. As a gaming destination, the Christchurch Casino bars catch the sporting action to complement its gambling offerings. Gamblers at Christchurch can watch their favourite teams while making bets and hanging out.

Christchurch Casino is the one-stop destination for fun with three great restaurants and bars, a dance floor, and the biggest TV screen hit, making it a leading choice for anyone looking for exceptional entertainment and customer service on a night out.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Christchurch casino

What games are available at Christchurch?

There are 32 table games, 450 slot machines, and other titles on the gaming floor. The 32 table games, 450 slots, pokies, and dealer games are available for all players of legal age. These games create exceptional entertainment experiences for gamblers at Christchurch.

Are there other activities outside gambling at Christchurch?

Yes, you can hit the dance floor or visit any of the great restaurants and bars available on location. These great restaurants and bars offer some of the finest food and drink available in New Zealand.

How do I contact Christchurch customer service?

You can contact the customer service using the following methods:

Mobile Number: (03) 371 2421


The customer service desk is generally responsive, and you will receive a response within 24 hours of reaching out. If the help line is congested, you may have to wait a few minutes before your call is put through to a representative.

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